Our Causes

Hunger Care is a non-profit organization focused to help unprivileged children in different areas in Indore, India region and across the globe as well. Our organization conducts several causes such as donating Food, Pure Water, Medical care, Blood, and providing shelters for homeless children. Since our inception, Hunger Care has fed various impoverished people.

We believe that hunger is the main cause that gives rise to poverty. Without sufficient resources, it becomes difficult to access nutritious food, hygienic water facilities, and better healthcare. The only way to ensure a healthy and nourishing life is to donate to the needy.

Hunger Care is a charity organization aiming to provide food relief and nourishment to impoverished communities. Additionally, your charity helps us to provide needful things to the children of our society so that no under-privilaged remains hungry.


Healthy Food

As a food charity organization, we aim to provide healthy food to those who are in need.

Pure Water

We partner with local organizations, and other charities to provide pure water to the needy.

Medical Care

With every donation we receive, we provide medical care support to needful children.

Well Education

We believe that education is a pure gift, and we help provide educational support to underprivileged children.

Blood Donation

Through our charity program, we can donate blood to the children in need to help save lives.

Homeless People

Through our charity, we help innocent homeless children by providing them with a roof over their heads.
Let’s join together to end the poverty

We help children who are

In need by providing food, shelter, blood donation & much more.